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Bequest Intention Form

Notice of Bequest Intention

I/we have made a provision in my/our current estate plan to benefit Claremont Graduate University as follows:

Type of provision:

I have included Claremont Graduate University in my will or living trust
I have named Claremont Graduate University as beneficiary of my retirement plan
I have named Claremont Graduate University as beneficiary of my life insurance policy or annuity contract

To ensure that your philanthropic intentions are successfully implemented, please provide a copy of the section of the document in which CGU is mentioned. (Just a few sentences in your will or trust is all that is needed; please see our bequest language page for examples.) Or you may provide a letter from your financial or legal adviser describing your future gift to the university. You may also briefly describe your planned gift for the benefit of CGU below:

It is my/our understanding that bequest provisions are nonbinding and revocable. In the event of unforeseen circumstances which require any further change in the above estate planning provision(s), I agree to notify CGU of such change.

Please complete:

Spouse's name
(Please include your spouse's name if this is a joint gift)
E-mail address*
Phone number

Blaisdell Society membership

Your bequest intention qualifies you for membership in the Blaisdell Society. Named after James Blaisdell, CGU's founding president, the Blaisdell Society is composed of individuals who have made estate commitments or have entered lifetime contracts with CGU. The generosity of these alumni and friends provide vital support for the university's future success.

I/we would be pleased to be included in the Blaisdell Society honor rolls. My/our names(s) will appear as listed above. The terms of my gift will remain confidential.
I/we prefer not to be listed, but will accept other benefits of Blaisdell Society membership

For more information, please contact Claremont Graduate University at or (909) 621-8027.

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