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Alumnus Pays It Forward for Future Students

Dwayne Hunn

Thankful for the education he received at CGU, Dwayne Hunn made a gift that will make a difference for future students.

Decades ago, Dwayne Hunn returned to the U.S. to attend Claremont Graduate University (CGU) on a fellowship after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years in the poorest chawls of Mumbai, India, at Our Lady’s Home Orphanage, the Cheshire Home for Paraplegics and Incurables, and other sites.

CGU helped him cope with reverse culture shock amid the comforts and beauty of campus life as he pondered the question, “did my work make a difference?”

With a master’s degree in Public Policy, Finance and Administration, as well as a PhD in government, Dwayne still retains vivid memories, from Peace Corps and subsequent Habitat for Humanity builds, of the harsh realities of life that so many endure, and he often shares them with current students by returning as a lecturer in International Studies.

While pondering how much of a difference one graduate can make, Dwayne has provided for CGU by donating a percentage in his estate plans to fund student fellowships.

This fellowship will help CGU students who have worked in programs like the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Head Start, etc. (as outlined in his organization’s American World Service Corps Congressional Proposal) or in other programs where students have been politically active in pursuit of smarter public policies.

This fellowship is dedicated to his parents, George and Martha Hunn, who pushed him to treat people fairly and get a good education, and to People’s Lobby’s founders, Edwin and Joyce Koupal, who trained him to “take the initiative” and to always remember that “final responsibility rests with the people, therefore never is final authority delegated.”

Is Claremont Graduate University already in your will, trust, or estate plan? Thank you! Please let us know so that we can plan for the future of CGU. Contact Claremont Graduate University at (909) 621-8027 or to add your name to the Blaisdell Society. Your gift can remain completely anonymous.