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MBA | Kingston, Jamaica

Post-Graduate Diploma, Teacher Education
BA Literature in English; Minor: Political Science, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, West Indies

English Teacher, Osaka-fu Prefectural Board of Education

Guy/Dobbs Fellowship
Best Presenter, Practice of Management Case Competition 2013

Vice-President, Marketing Club
Volunteer Tutor, Claremont After School Program

Why did you choose the Drucker School?
When I first began to research business schools both in Europe and the US my main object was to find a school that has a "family feel" to it, meaning a school where I have the support of faculty and fellow classmates. I wanted to be in a collaborative learning environment primarily because I am transitioning from the education industry and I don't have a business background.

When I first learned about the principle on which the school was built, "Management is... a liberal art", I knew that this school is where I wanted to be because my academic background would not be seen as a disadvantage when compared to my peers, but as one of the branches of Knowledge on which management is built, which I can use to add value to classroom discussions and group assignments.

How has the program benefited you so far?
Thus far, the program has exposed me to a wide range of issues affecting various industries and to the different cultures that exist within organizations, through the analysis of case studies and with firsthand observation respectively

Describe your experience in the classroom and the caliber of the professors.
The professors here believe in the Drucker philosophy and teach that with utmost passion. Irrespective of the difference in teaching styles, professors at Drucker have one thing in common- they all encourage analytical thought. This is one aspect of the classroom experience that I have come to appreciate because everyone is given the opportunity to engage. Additionally, smaller classes and personalized attention at Drucker engenders an atmosphere that enhances the learning experience.

What are your career goals?
Currently I am at a crossroads in terms of my actual career goals, but one thing I am certain of is that I enjoy working with people and I am committed to community service. I want to be in a role where I can combine the two.

How will your Drucker degree help you further your career?
I believe that the program will continue to expose me to different concepts and theories about management, but most importantly it is teaching me how to manage myself. I believe that self-management is an integral part of one's development and if I am cognizant of my own strengths and weakness then I will be in a better position to help and manage other people.

What has been your most memorable experience at the Drucker School?
To date, my most memorable experience at the Drucker School is winning a (group) case study competition at the end of a three-day orientation seminar. All four members of my group were presented with a Kindle. To me, this symbolized a good start to the academic year.