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Erin Gore

For Claremont Graduate University student Erin Gore, a master's degree means more than career preparation. "My program has taught me to be a critical thinker, an effective manager, and an adaptive leader. Currently, as associate director of admissions at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), I'm tasked with crafting a diverse and small class out of one of the most competitive applicant pools in the nation. My career has ultimately given me the best of both worlds. I am able to pursue my interest in marketing as well as contribute to issues involved in college access and educational equity."

CGU alumna Dorothy Heide also credits her graduate education with helping to shape a career that makes a difference. As a business professor and associate dean at California State University, Fullerton, she has taught and researched management issues and co-authored papers on women in management and the evolving business school curriculum.

Now an Emerita Professor, Dr. Heide remains grateful for the fellowship support she received while a student at Claremont. That's why she and her husband Bill created the Heide Fellowship in 1989. "I got help when I was a student at CGU," Dorothy has said. "So Bill and I are pleased to give back, and I'm especially pleased that my gift goes directly to helping students."


Bill and Dorothy Heide

It is fitting then, that Erin Gore counts herself among those benefitting from the Heides' philanthropy. Thanks to them, her career will pick up on Dr. Heide's work and extend it well into the future. "As a result of receiving funds through the Dorothy B., Janice L. and William H. Heide Fellowship, I was able to take an elective class in leadership. This class provided me with the tools and achievement styles necessary to develop and evolve as a leader. Upon graduating from CGU, I know that I will be equipped with the skills needed to excel both personally and professionally. More importantly, I hope to use the knowledge I have gained to mentor and develop other young women in business throughout my career."

While establishing the student fellowship that has benefited Erin and many others, Dorothy and Bill also thoughtfully set up two deferred gifts with CGU. A planned bequest will provide the university with future support, as will a charitable remainder trust they established. In addition, the latter gift provides Dorothy and Bill with a steady current income and tax benefits.

For more information on how you can make a similar planned or outright gift to CGU, please contact Claremont Graduate University at (909) 621-8027 or