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One Award—Many Years of Impact


The Winifred Hausam and Helen Fisk award at Claremont Graduate University celebrates two remarkable women who sought to provide opportunities for outstanding graduate students.

Since its inception in 1973, the Winifred Hausam and Helen Fisk Award at Claremont Graduate University has supported the preparation of four college and university presidents, a CEO, a CIO, numerous provosts, deans and other campus leaders, at least two Fulbright Scholars, and the recipient of a MacArthur "genius" grant.

And each year this list of remarkable community leaders, educators and scholars grows longer and longer.

The award celebrates the commitment of two remarkable women who were dedicated to creating broader opportunities in graduate education: Winifred Hausam, who co-founded an educational institute in Claremont in the 1970s, and Helen Fisk, whose bequest contributed substantially to the award's funding.

The endowed fund that supports the Hausam-Fisk award also provides enhanced programming for CGU's School of Educational Studies.

School of Educational Studies Dean Scott Thomas describes the award as a catalyst for inspired service as well as academic achievement. "Resources like the Hausam-Fisk Award celebrate student success and encourage the type of thoughtful leadership our graduates are known for."

CGU President Deborah Freund connects the long-term impact of such awards with the generosity of its alumni. "By including CGU in their estate plans, our alumni make this university a stronger and more dynamic place. Bequests like Helen Fisk's underline a belief in the importance of graduate education while helping us to be more responsive to our students' ambitions."

This year's Hausam-Fisk Award recipient, Luis Giraldo, expressed the gratitude felt by each awardee through the years. "This award means a lot to me. I feel blessed to be at CGU. Coming here was one of the greatest decisions I've made."

In describing his research into the higher educational experiences of marginalized populations, Luis exemplifies the same generous spirit that motivated the two women whom the award honors. "What we do here at CGU can't stay here. We need to take what we accomplish and place it in service to others."

Forty-three years since its creation, the Winifred Hausam and Helen Fisk award continues to translate the university's mission into tangible support for students, and enhance the remarkable achievements of its graduates.

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