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Bequest Intention Form

Notice of Bequest Intention

I/we have made a provision in my/our current estate plan to benefit Claremont Graduate University as follows:

Type of provision:

I have included Claremont Graduate University in my will or living trust
I have named Claremont Graduate University as beneficiary of my retirement plan
I have named Claremont Graduate University as beneficiary of my life insurance policy or annuity contract

To ensure that your philanthropic intentions are successfully implemented, please provide a copy of the section of the document in which CGU is mentioned. (Just a few sentences in your will or trust is all that is needed; please see our bequest language page for examples.) You may provide a letter from your financial or legal advisor describing your future gift to the university. Your legal advisor or you can email this copy to:

It is my/our understanding that bequest provisions are nonbinding and revocable. In the event of unforeseen circumstances which require any further change in the above estate planning provision(s), I agree to notify CGU of such change.

Please complete:

Spouse's name
(Please include your spouse's name if this is a joint gift)
E-mail address*
Phone number

For more information, please contact Claremont Graduate University at or (909) 621-8027.

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