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Your Lasting Impact

What Your Gift Can Do

Alumnus Pays It Forward for Future Students
Dwayne Hunn

Decades ago, Dwayne Hunn returned to the U.S. to attend Claremont Graduate University (CGU) on a fellowship after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years in the poorest chawls of Mumbai, India, at Our Lady’s Home Orphanage, the Cheshire Home for Paraplegics and Incurables, and other sites.  More

Graduate Education at the Highest Level
Laurel Simpson

Education has always been paramount for Laurel Simpson. Since his retirement in 1972, he has supported Claremont Graduate University through charitable gift-giving. Mr. Simpson's commitment to education has been steadfast—even during times of hardship.  More

Changing Lives With the Gift of Education

Matthew Jenkins was busy with his third career. The first was the thriving veterinary practice he sold in the late 1970s. The second was the real estate and property management company he and his wife, Roberta, founded afterward. But in the past three decades of his life, Matthew had focused on a different passion: university philanthropy.  More

Supporting Acts

Inspired by H. Jerry Voorhis, Ben O'Brien's philanthropy will continue to support and inspire CGU students in perpetuity through the endowed H. Jerry Voorhis Memorial Fellowship for Public Service.  More

One Award—Many Years of Impact

What do four college and university presidents, a CEO, a CIO, numerous provosts, deans and other campus leaders, at least two Fulbright Scholars, and the recipient of a MacArthur "genius" grant have in common? Each received a CGU award that helped shape their careers.  More

Inspire and Assist

From the President's house to the Board room to their home just down the street, Joe and Jean Platt supported CGU in many, many ways.  More

Create Tomorrow's Leaders

For CGU students like Erin Gore, a master's degree means more than career preparation. Thanks to Dorothy and Bill Heide, it means taking on leadership roles and becoming a mentor.  More

Attract the Best Students

MBA Student Omara Turner searched across Europe and the United States. And then she found CGU’s Drucker/Ito School of Management.  More

Help a Student "Stay the Course"

Karl Benjamin was a master of design. Beverly Benjamin holds a doctorate in Education. Their support encourages students to stay true to their aspirations.  More

Celebrate a Legacy

Professor Albert Friedman blazed academic trails through his scholarship and teaching. Current students continue to extend his work through the annual grant competition that bears his name.  More

Express Gratitude
Cortus Koehler

Cortus Koehler recalled the support and assistance he received while earning his CGU degree. He and his wife Addie wanted to make sure today's students have the same opportunities.  More

Give Something Back

"I wanted my education to be more than what was offered in the typical business school curriculum," recalls Jennifer Bergstrom. "What I found when I came to CGU was a rich life experience that has brought me compounded interest for the investment I made."  More

Create Something New

A group of students were lamenting the lack of a student run literary journal. Then, thanks to resources provided through a planned gift, they did something about it.  More

Give Shape to a Dream

A bank executive with an economics background and an MBA applies her knack for data analysis to current events and culture. With paint.  More

Shine a Light

A recent recipient of the Margo L. Goldsmith Fellowship hopes her ambitious oral history project will provide a resource for future historians.  More